Sliding doors: key for more space

If you still don’t know the sliding doors, you need to read this article. If you have a problem of space in your home, you can already list these types of doors for the next reform.

More and more customers dare with sliding doors and are delighted. It’s a way to go beyond the traditional and embrace innovation. Here are some categories of sliding doors. Which one is best suited to your home?

Style counts!

If for you an essential fact is the style of the door, then you can be calm, because you have a large variety of styles. If you want to give a modern touch to your home, bet on glass doors, transparent, or maybe you prefer a design in white or a soft tone. You can also choose one that is entirely made of wood, to provide a rustic style, or only with wooden edges. For sliding doors with access to the outside, we recommend the aluminium ones.

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Hidden or in sight?

For total freedom of space, sliding doors embedded between two partitions are recommended. These are placed doing work. You will love it, because they are made to measure, they are clean, and they will not occupy space. Another option is to place the roof or wall door. In this case it will be important that you find a system of fittings and guides of maximum quality, so that it lasts a long time and it’s essential that a specialist confirms if the wall or ceiling is strong enough.

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One or several sheets

Also keep in mind that you can choose a door with a single sheet or with several. These can be visible, complementing the design of the house or they can be hidden in a partition, sliding from one side to the other when opening and closing. You will choose the number of sheets depending, of course, on the size of the room.

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