Rental Flats:

We propose some ideas to create practical, personal sharing flats, special for young people, who do not need to resort to low quality or big money disbursements.

In our company is one of the most frequent requirements: customers who have bought a flat and want to destine it for rent, they find that they will need some investment of money to be able to get their maximum advantage. We tell you some proposals that we would like to share.


As a first tip, to give a facelift without needing a big budget, painting it in white can be a great decision: gaining luminosity, amplitude and generating a sense of cleanliness.

For a change, we can use the paint of slate in some zone, wall or furniture, generating contrast. This will be not only decorative, it can also be useful for cohabitation and for families with children also.

Cocina moderna, encimera de mármol negro con estanterías en lugar de armarios en la pared.


Commonly one of the most requested requirements. In general, we find problems of humidity, which we recommend to solve as soon as possible in order not to reach worse states. There are technical interior enamels that can be a perfect, durable solution for any surface and bathroom materials, which are 100% water resistant. In addition, they are quick drying and odorless. Its application is very simple, do not require sanding, pickling or pre-priming. We also recommend replacing the bathtub that we usually find for a shower tray, resolving an issue of spaciousness, security and comfort.

Living room

In case you want to modernize it or give it an image again and generate warmth: we recommend choosing to renovate the floor. Considering the great variety that exists in the market, we share some of the most requested for this space:

Natural wood parquet floors look great, but they are very delicate, being easily striped or stained.

Solid parquet floors, made from natural wood, are one of the most traditional choices of wooden floors. They can stick to the floor directly, but are sensitive to moisture, so they require special care.

Floating floor floors: they are resistant, they bring elegance, design and quality, and do not require a deep cleaning. It is made from wood fibers, with equally avant-garde designs, and the same characteristics of thermal insulation as the previous ones. The cost is lower and it is not necessary to glue the boards to the ground.

In this case we think they are the most suitable, there are also rustic options and variety of finishes.

Tarima flotante blanca de pergo en salón


They can be encouraged to use strong colours in some furniture, giving a youthful and fresh air. There are some enamels for this type of recycled furniture, and they look very nice. They are only details that improve the environment. There are also the mix of different models of chairs in the dining room.

Comedor con grandes ventanales, mesa central con sillas alrededor, decoración con vasijas de cristal


Study and reading area

When we think of a student floor, it is ideal to find or generate a study or reading area. A library – bookstore would decorate the house: it can be in a corner, or also be useful to separate the space without losing luminosity …

Suggestion: Decoration with wallpaper will be good choice. There are a variety of reasons, but it is important that it is resistant to light and 100% washable for easy maintenance.

Sala de estar con ordenadores, estanterías para libros en pared


One idea is to use decorative vinyl wall coverings that personalize the bedrooms, as well as the wallpapers we mentioned earlier. We can choose only one of the walls and generate a change.

When it comes to furniture, they can consider drawer beds that contain places of storage underneath, they are very useful, they seem a very practical option.

Cama con cabecera de vinilo y dibujo de diseño[:]

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