Energy Savings at Home

Energy Savings at Home

These are small daily changes, which can have an impact on our economy. The increase in tariffs affects every month. We share some simple steps on how to achieve better energy efficiency reflected in our energy bills. 

Make the most of natural light

Why? The 16% of the electrical expenditure of a house is destined to the illumination.

How? The light colors on ceilings and walls are the great allies. In addition, when formulating housing is more profitable to have the sectors of day – be dining and kitchen – with greater light and views. This generates substantial savings.
Light polyurethane doors, timber floors, and marble benchtop combine well in this design.

Recommendation: Black out curtain systems are a good option to control light especially in summer. There are also awnings with solar sensors that solve the great solar exposure of some environments, keeping them cool in summer and avoiding excessive expenses in Air Conditioning.

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low-energy bulb or leds

Why? Conventional bulbs convert only 15% of the energy they consume into light, the rest is heat. The LEDs save 80% of electricity producing the same illumination. In addition to having a longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

How? In areas with longer use time as the kitchen we recommend leaving fluorescent tubes that consume very little. While the LED lights are recommended for the rest of the house. Although they are more expensive, in the long run this is compensated when the bills arrive.

Recommendation: To remember the cleaning of the light bulbs, it is key to dedicate a few minutes to the maintenance, since the dust in any artifact of illumination generates that its luminosity is smaller.
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Automate lighting

Why? It can be key especially in homes with children.

How? Use dimmers to adjust the light according to each specific activity and also presence detectors in areas of corridors or stairs, so that the light stays on for less time.

Use the refrigerator correctly

Why? It is the most energy consuming appliance – 650kWh per year.

How? Away from heat sources, at a minimum distance from the wall, and with sufficient ventilation are important points. In addition to maintaining it at a temperature between 3 and 5ºC. Avoid having the door open can generate a saving of 5%. When it comes to cooling cooked foods it is important to ensure that they have cooled sufficiently.

Invest in efficient appliances

Why? In the kitchen, much of the expense is produced: after heating, appliances are responsible for the highest consumption.

How? Buying those with the A +, A ++ or A +++ tags, even if the price is higher, compensates with a lower electrical expense. Induction cooking plates consume less than glass-ceramic and gas.

Other Recommendations:

– Load the washing machine and dishwasher as much as possible. At the same time the temperature is important, being able to reduce up to 55% of energy washing the clothes to 40ºC or in cold.

– Disconnect unused appliances: Leaving the mobile charger plugged in or the TV on without looking at it may increase 10% of the electricity consumption. Short circuits that generate explosions in plugged devices may occur.

– Keep the air conditioning around 26 °: For each degree of cold, the energy expenditure is shot between 6 and 8%. It can generate savings of up to 30% of the electricity bill in summer.[:]

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