Keys to Making the Most of Small Spaces.

Solutions and ideas
We propose some solutions and ideas to make the spaces more efficient and take more meters when it comes to reforming a house:

  • Changing old large and heavy furniture by custom ones can be very practical and usable. Optimizes meters by planning closets and beds by measurements. We recommend materials such as melanins in the interiors to give lightness without losing quality and resistance.
  • Also replacing swing doors with sliding doors can save some meters of space. These are usually 30% more expensive, but there are many economic options in sight, aesthetically pleasing.


  • Choose light materials to divide spaces. Both interior windows and glazed doors are visibly light as well as allowing light to pass through. Cocina vista del comedor comunicada con gran puerta corredera de cristal:
  • Designing shelves to separate spaces is a different alternative, offer a certain transparency and sense of space together, while giving certain sectors privacy. Si no te gustan los espacios diáfanos te damos algunas ideas para separar ambientes con biombos, estanterías...:

Select allied colours to give the feeling of spaciousness: always clear and white in walls, furniture, even floors.

Try to unify the spaces by choosing a type of floor. If you have an integrated kitchen or American select some materials that could be well mixed. There are some in the market that are trend, some options of integration of different flooring materials that sectorize combining functionality and aesthetics.


  • The light and white colours create noticeable changes in the perception of spaces, as well as the placement of XL mirrors, which generate an optical effect with greater spatial amplitude. In addition to being useful objects the mirrors diffuse greater light. A good choice are the wardrobes with sliding mirror doors for the bedrooms.
  • If you want an en-suite bathroom but you do not have much space, you should try to integrate it into the bedroom in an intelligent way: for example leaving the sink outside is a new trend and can be a great comfort for a couple. C:\Users\Alejandra\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\0036_3affee7e.jpg

Little choices can have great advantages. Take a moment to review some possible changes that reduce consumption and energy efficiency …

  • We propose some long term solutions for Faucets: Click systems and flow limiters can generate savings of up to 50% more water.
  • Replacing LEDs instead of halogen generates up to 80% reduction in energy consumption.


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