Complete Refurbishment. Anna.

In this reform that we carried out in the Rambla of Fabra i Puig of Barcelona numerous works were executed to achieve the desired changes by the clients.Planos de obra

The main thing was to bring down a partition separating one of the rooms and the dining room. He moved the kitchen to the previous room and became a kitchen-diner with open concept and American bar, but with the style of an Italian kitchen. In this case the home of the kitchen furniture was Bc3, which has a great value for money and make better quality kitchens than Ikea with even better prices. A kitchen countertop was chosen for Silestone, a material that is widely used today. The kitchen utensils, as well as the floor of the house were chosen in the company Ferrolan, one of our great collaborating companies. We also work with other houses (Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, the Platform, etc.) with very good value for money where our customers choose some materials.

On the other hand, also be demolished a partition to join the laundry and the sink and expand the latter since the bathroom was small. The bathroom renovation was complete: both flooring and tiling and toilets. The modern shower tray and the screen were housed in the space of the former laundry.
In addition, the entire electrical installation and plumbing was renewed and all the ducts were passed over the false ceiling of Pladur that we created. Through the false ceiling were also hidden all the ducts of the air conditioning ducts.

The entire floor was painted and the doors and windows were renovated. The latter were chosen oscilo jambs that are very practical for day to day.

A new natural parquet floor was placed above the previous pavement except the balcony, where ceramic tiles were placed.
All the work was advised and supervised by our architect.[:]

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