Direct gifts

Take advantage of our new promotion! If you choose Reformas Barcelona Low Cost for remodeling your apartment or house you can choose from the following technological gifts to make more pleasant your day. In addition, if you choose our services, you can enjoy discounts on moves, furniture and electrical appliances. Consult our discount checks. As […]


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Types of insulation Insulation is the system that allows us to create an optimal level of comfort within the house, whether thermal or acoustic. Therefore, it is very important when building or reforming this type of intervention. In addition, by regulation it is essential so that it can be habitable. Energy savings must be assessed, […]

Prefabricated houses, the solution of the future?

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Prefabricated houses, the solution of the future? Although prefabricated houses are nothing new, the growing sophistication of industrialized systems and the lack of space in large cities make them topical again. But are they as ideal as they seem? The densification and the increase in the price of land in large cities have caused many […]

Reform the portal of the building. Typologies

In a previous chapter we commented on howtomake interventions in our portal or community lobby area, that area that is our distribution to the houses. But what is it that makes it attractive besides being the articulating axis in our building? DESIGN TYPOLOGIES When we talk about design we enter into the purest concept of […]

All about exterior enclosures of aluminum or PVC

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It would be possible to have good exterior enclosures whether aluminum or PVC and with good glass compositions, especially to improve in all things related to thermal and acoustic insulation. In fact whatever our air conditioning, either by air or by gas (heatingby radiators or underfloorheating), it is essential to have exterior enclosures or windows […]

Trends in bathroom reforms

Trends in bathroom reforms When reforming the bathroom we must take into account that the traditional is maintained, but the new trends are imposed, we mean the new shapes, colors, finishes, lighting of elements and even some minimalist concepts. The aspect of this will depend on how we set it up or imagine it, we […]

How to choose parquet for your reform

When reforming your home is key the time of choice of materials, but many times we see things that we like and sometimes we do not, besides, we have to take into account the value for money, in this case it is the complement to the floor and perfect choice. What the floor should be […]

Revaluate your housing thanks to the reform.

Does the word REVALUATE sound very interesting, if, when we focus on it we always think of added value or an increase in its value, many times we want to apply it to everything, be this in one way or another, but how we revalue a real estate space or even an article, but the […]

Bathroom renovations

As well as kitchen renovations, new bathroom renovations are one of the main elements in any renovation, whether full or partial. Next, we go on to expose and detail the different elements and practical issues when reforming a bathroom to make it new, and the recommendations on the purchase of materials. One of the options, which is […]

How to adapt the housing to the pandemic

How to adapt the housing to the pandemic Social distancing from the architectural or design point of view has to be applied beyond the crowded areas in our most common spaces, be they work, the place where we buy and in our houses. But, and how? Given that these times are changing at a general […]