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Types of insulation

Insulation is the system that allows us to create an optimal level of comfort within the house, whether thermal or acoustic. Therefore, it is very important when building or reforming this type of intervention. In addition, by regulation it is essential so that it can be habitable.

Energy savings must be assessed, on the one hand, in addition to the comfort necessary for it to fulfill its mission. That is why it is very important to take into account all these points when carrying out the reform. We will tell you how and which ones you can do.

Insulation in vertical walls

The insulation in vertical elements fulfills a very important function, which is established as a second skin or containment element either cold or heat. This given the great importance that is required to obtain that maximum comfort, or at least alleviate those thermal effects that affect our facades or enclosures. But what can be used and how?

Rock Wool

It is an element composed of mineral wools, in addition to volcanic rocks. A highly insulating element is achieved especially against noise and in many cases fire.

Rock wool is purchased on the market in various brands and versions. Always taking into account the use that will be given, its physical characteristics and benefits must be verified.

According to physical characteristics we can find thicknesses from 4 cm to 8 cm, being effectively the highest protection of 8 cm.

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Installation is easy and straightforward. This can be applied in walls made with plasterboard plate and stud structure. Or in the case of factory walls, this, taking into account the situation or location of what you want to isolate.

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This material composed of mineral elements with binders and glass, capable of containing and generating the necessary insulation between the different seasonal temperature changes.

The installation is similar to the backed-up compounds and by means of mechanical fastenings towards vertical elements.

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Extruded polystyrene

It is used for its lightness and thermal insulation. It is supplied in rigid plates that completely isolates and also generates or contributes to the energy efficiency of the house.

The type of insulating material generates great insulation capacity inside the house for maximum comfort. Being resistant to fire, water and sudden changes.

The type of installation is carried out by means of mounting sheets anchored with mechanical supports, the only difference being mostly installed outdoors.

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In the market there are many products for insulation and solutions, but the correct installation of these are what will generate the efficiency and performance of this.

At the time of reforming our home we have the option according to situation to carry out these interventions, since for many reasons it is necessary either due to problems with humidity, cold / heat, noise, etc. and that is when this type of insulation must be carried out.

Currently plays an important role in energy efficiency the insulation of the house, as well as the materials used during its construction and / or reform, since this concept has changed due to the need caused by climate change.

Horizontal insulation.

This process of insulation of the house can occur in two places specifically, roofs / false ceilings and floors.

Normally the same materials that are applied in vertical walls are used, be they mineral wools and polystyrene compounds.

Insulation in false ceilings.

This insulation according to the area in which the house is located or according to need it is important to have a good layer that is able to isolate mainly from noise, since it is practically installed indoors, on the other hand, it is vital to obtain a good hold at the time of installation and to be able to seal almost completely the area.

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The interventions carried out in order to isolate the external noise elements especially must have an effective action before these agents, since at the time of installation it must comply with the specifications for which it was installed.

There are other insulation materials by projection, since its easy application in already built ceilings makes it an alternative to wool plates or other insulation.

It is important the amount of Decibels that have to be reduced between one floor and another, obtaining maximum internal and external acoustic comfort.

On the other hand, it should be noted that insulation has been technified over time, but the most used in Spain at the level of reforms and construction are those described above.

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Types of insulation Insulation is the system that allows us to create an optimal level of comfort within the house, whether thermal or acoustic. Therefore,

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