Types of doors


The doors are elements that customize environments, help to make them more functional and provide them with style. It is important to choose the right door according to the function of the room, as this choice is that we can gain a few inches, improve thermal or acoustic insulation, or modify the distribution of the house. They can all be different, but they will follow a line and maintain common elements that would be in harmony when the doors are all closed.

The most important thing to consider is the height to give sense of uniformity. That’s why the doors are carefully chosen to undertake a reform or undertake the construction of a new home. To help you in this election, we will detail the characteristics of different types of dors most suitable for each room.

Entrance door

It is determined by the type of property. If it is in a neighboring building, will have to follow the model and finishes of the community, and you can customize the interior color of the door. If you live in a house, chances fan out and should be taken into account the architectural style (English, rustic, contemporary …) architectural style and other factors to choose a door model or another.

In any case, you may want to choose a model with glass at side or top to let enter light into the hall. Among the security doors, armored are the best choice because they have a mono block reinforced steel structure that make them more rigid. They also wear have security ironwork and metal frame and subframe that attach directly to the wall.

door2 Door for hall

In the old houses were frequently to have a double door with stained glass in the hall. They could be hinged or sliding, and still is a solution to be considered in many houses where the entrance is very dark. Now that many homes have opted for minimalism of open spaces, doors, if are available, try to go unnoticed. Therefore triumph models of sliding doors with tempered glass and ironwork at sight and built-in doors on a double partition wall.

If you opt for the traditional folding models, the choices are extensive, ranging from hardwoods to white lacquered doors (in classical or contemporary) with moldings, paneled or smooth and with different types of windows. The newest doors carry around glass reeds in steel instead of wood. The rest of the interior doors of the house often accompany the esthetic of the room, at least in the color of the finish.

Keep in mind that never lacquered doors are solid wood, but of DM of varying density, which tend to be cheaper than the others, although there are many grades of lacquer (the best is recommended for non-yellowing) .

Doors for kitchens

It is usual to put in the kitchen doors with translucent glass (in different compositions). Its main advantage is that it let light into the hallway or foyer and its main disadvantage is that frequent condensation that occurs in the kitchen makes it a lot of dirty, both in wood and in glass. A solution is to put aluminum doors, resisting many cleaning and hygiene maintained at an optimum, but the fact is that its use is not widespread in the residential area. Pantry and laundry with access from the kitchen can benefit from choosing a swinging door.

Doors for bathrooms

The bathrooms usually have a small area. You can always opt for a sliding model, possibly embedded in the wall, that leverages additional  1m2 surface. If the bathroom has no window, you can choose a door with translucent window, where you can collect natural light from another room or lit corridor.

Doors wardrobes

The doors of the wardrobes have experienced phenomenal momentum as the rooms of the new homes have been getting smaller. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the folding sliding doors or folding models for better use of space in the bedrooms. The models available are many, and although trend doors minimalist aesthetic, tempered glass and aluminum profiles, they coexist with traditional folding models.

Garage Door: best, fireproof

Single family homes often have a door in the hall or kitchen that gives direct access to the garage, when it is located in level of the  street. It is convenient access, but often in the garage, plus the car, we put the boiler and store products that may be flammable. It is a good idea to choose for a garage a fireproof door including a fireproof structure and frame.

General features you should consider is the standard measure of doors: between 72 and 82 cm wide and up to 2.12 m in height. That are resistant to a thickness of 3.5 cm is recommended, except for doors with glass.


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