Complete Refurbishment incalle Selva de Barcelona

In this integral reform in the street Selva of Barcelona the demolitions of tabiquería were minimum since the distribution of the floor was very good. As the bathroom was small, it only knocked the wall between the dressing room and the bathroom to get a larger bathroom. All the bathroom was tiled both tiled and changing the floor and toilets.Reforma Integral. Barra Americna.
The kitchen was also renovated to create an American style kitchen. The kitchen furniture of the Bc3 model Blanco Planet and a black granite countertop were chosen. The appliances that the client considered necessary were also supplied. In the kitchen was created a bar that serves as a work space for cooking and as a dining area with a few high stools. The oven and microwave were arranged in a column, a choice chosen by our customers for their comfort. A decorative bell was put, which in addition to being very fashionable has great power to get rid of smoke and bad odors. The kitchen and floor tiles were chosen in Ferrolan, although we always have the option to choose them in Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus or where the customer prefers.
After complete smoothing of the walls, they were sanitized, sanded and caulked for later painting.
As for the carpentry, in the interior were installed 4 new doors and in the exterior were put sliding white aluminum windows and a door of aluminum practicable to access the laundry.
All the water, light and gas installations that were left hidden in the new false ceiling of Pladur that was created were renewed. The whole heating installation was carried out with built-in pipes and walls and a high-quality boiler and the necessary radiators were installed. We also did the whole installation of air conditioning to get the necessary comfort in summer.

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