Integral reform of kitchen

We start the year positively. We share with you recently completed renovations of kitchens. Whether it is a comprehensive renovation or a single room, your home acquires a more comfortable environment and arouses your enthusiasm for seeing something new. A reform is a change not only for your home but also for your well-being. When […]

3 interior decoration styles that inspire

Your home is your shelter, therefore, the more pleasant it is, the happier you will feel. Be it due to the colour of the walls, the model of the bed or that small detail next to the mirror, your house adopts its own personality.

What mirror to choose for your bathroom?

Mirror, mirror, make my bathroom prettier! Today we are going to present a few tips that you have to look for when choosing the bathroom mirror. The mirrors have the power to change the aesthetics of a specific place and can also give the feeling of spaciousness, if it´s positioned correctly.

Rental Flats:

We propose some ideas to create practical, personal sharing flats, special for young people, who do not need to resort to low quality or big money disbursements. In our company is one of the most frequent requirements: customers who have bought a flat and want to destine it for rent, they find that they will […]

Energy Savings at Home

Energy Savings at Home These are small daily changes, which can have an impact on our economy. The increase in tariffs affects every month. We share some simple steps on how to achieve better energy efficiency reflected in our energy bills. 

Complete Refurbishment. Anna.

In this reform that we carried out in the Rambla of Fabra i Puig of Barcelona numerous works were executed to achieve the desired changes by the clients.

Complete Refurbishment in Barcelona. Noelia.

In this integral reform carried out in the street Reina Elionor numerous works were done. As in most of our works, the electricity and plumbing facilities that were hidden in Pladur’s new false ceiling were renovated. Also, used the false ceiling to install led lights and eyes of ox to get an optimal illumination of […]